Chapter Outline

This book is divided into four sections. The first section introduces the book, key concepts, tells my story of finding a unicorn, and introduces recurrent themes. Kinky Thoughts are essays about key issues in the kink and vanilla communities. These are more academic and theoretical pieces about kink. Most arose out of conversations with other kinksters about the community and issues we face. Kinky Deeds examines many of the issues and experiences that arise when you practice kink. Kinky Love are love letters to the unicorn. This section includes both prose and poetry I have written to the unicorn over the past year.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

Introduction and Front Material

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding My Unicorn
  3. Armies in Pleated Khakis

Kinky Thoughts

  1. How to Talk to a Kinky Person
  2. What Vanilla Folks Can Learn From Kinky People
  3. National Safe Word
  4. Why I Have Better Sex Than You: On Power Exchange and Negotiation

Kinky Deeds

  1. The More I Tell You, The More You Know
  2. Getting Free by Getting Tied Down
  3. The “Right” Way to Watch Porn
  4. Fluid Bonding

Kinky Love

  1. When “Love” is too Common
  2. How Home Porn Changed My Life for the Better
  3. Sub-Admission
  4. Jealous Much?
  5. Why I Like Being a Dirty Little Cum Slut: The Porn You All Have Been Waiting For
  6. The Proper Love and Care of a Unicorn

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