Day 730

Seven hundred and twenty nine days had past since Cleo had been collared. Her collaring ceremony had been one of the happiest days of her life. It surpassed graduating college, her 21st birthday blow out, finding out she was pregnant, and the day she met Lou. Each of the the 728 times she had kneeled to be collared by Lou in the morning, she thought momentarily of her collaring ceremony. No matter what the day brought, no matter what was on the to-do list, not matter how broke or stressed or tired she was, dropping to her knees to take her collar centered her and brought joy.

She and Lou had been throwing around ideas for their anniversary. They didn’t enjoy the typical romantic nights out. Dinner and a movie usually bored them. Plus, Cleo was a better chef that most of the professionals in her neighborhood, so she and Lou would rather stay in and eat then go out most nights. They were too broke to do a long weekend away at the beach or in the mountains, so those options were out. Plus, with a one-year-old, they were both always tired.

Cleo wanted something special though. She wanted to reaffirm her commitment to Lou. She wanted to deepen the relationship and she wanted to push her boundaries. Lou had introduced her to kink. They met four years ago at a professional conference in Detroit. Lou was presenting his work in epigenetics and Cleo was presenting part of her dissertation as a poster session. She had attended Lou’s panel and was hot for teacher.

At the Saturday night cocktail hour at the conference, Cleo worked to catch Lou’s eye. Eventually she worked up the nerve to ask him a question about his work. She had constructed her question all afternoon. She wanted to blow Lou out the water with how intelligent and advanced she was for a just being a Ph.D. candidate. When she walked up to him at the cocktail hour, all that came out was, “Wow! I really loved your presentation. So smart!”

She was ready to turn tail and run. She thought she sounded like a groupie meeting Mick Jagger for the first time. She blushed violently, dropper her eyes, and prepared to make a hasty exit. Lou noticed her embarrassment and replied, “Thank you. And what are you presenting here?” This began the first of many conversations about their respective work.

Lou taught at a university less than two hours from Cleo. They began meeting for coffee regularly, presumably to discuss career development. Once Cleo defended her dissertation, Lou made a pass. They started dating.

Lou had been in the kink community for over ten years. He had worked with a mentor Dom while he was in grad school and taken his first sub during his assistant professorship. He took his kink as seriously as his academics. He attended conferences in both areas, researched what he was interested in, and created meticulous practice regimens. He moved quickly from interests in bondage and impact to more rarified forms of kink.

On their first date after Cleo finished her grad work, Lou brought up the subject of kink. Cleo was aware of this world, though her only forays into it consisted of light spankings and hair pulling by an ex-boyfriend. She wouldn’t even really classify it as “kink” – it was more just rough sex. Cleo was intrigued and began exploring her more subby side with Lou.

It didn’t take long for her to come to figure out she liked thuddy sensations, disliked super stingy things, she liked being restrained and it always took a little coaxing to try and get her to try something new. The thing she liked most though, was pleasing Lou. When he would praise her performance, call her a “good girl,” or tell her the day after that he had a great night, she beamed. She would take any hit he delivered with joy if he broke a smile after her yell.

A year and a half from their first date, Lou collared her. It was a simple ceremony with a small group of kinky friends. They had done it at a cabin in the Adirondacks. She prepared a lovely meal, they all ate and laughed. Then they formed a circle around her in candlelight, Lou read their contract, stopping after each clause and asked her to confirm her commitment and agreement with each statement. At the end, he placed a thin steel band around her neck and locked it on with a small combination lock. Only Lou knew the combination.

Over the last two years, Cleo worked to develop her submission and her range of kinky activities. She began attending kink conventions with Lou. They joined a local play space. She found an experienced sub to chat with and figure out what kink meant to Cleo.

So, on day seven hundred and twenty nine of being collared, Cleo was frustrated she had not figured out the perfect gift to give Lou tomorrow. Stumped, she sat at her computer. She Googled “Second Anniversary Gifts.” The first site to pop up was Hallmark. “Fuck it. I have no clue,” she thought and clicked the link.

According to Hallmark, the traditional second anniversary gift was paper. The anniversary stone was garnet. The anniversary color was red. That was it! Red. This was perfect. Cleo knew what to do.

Lou loved knife play. Cleo had seen him perform amazing scenes with other bottoms and subs. For Cleo, knives were a hard limit. She had been a cutter as a teenager and feared that knife play would trigger those old habits. Her thighs bore scars of self-inflicted cuts. For her, knives and cutting always represented pain, depression, destruction, annihilation.

The second anniversary color is red. Here was her chance to push her limits. Here was her chance to do something for Lou that he loved and would please him. Here was a chance for her to explore something for the first time with her lover. She could take a red, a hard limit, and push past it for him. She could redefine what cutting meant to her and give her Sir a very special anniversary gift.

The thought of Lou touching her with a knife made her heart race and her palms sweat. It was terrifying and deeply exhilerating. She found herself taking short breaths and tensing all her muscles at just the thought of him touching her with a knife. The idea that it may cut flesh brought about an instant need to pee.

That night, over dinner, Cleo proposed her anniversary gift.

“You know tomorrow’s our two-year collaring anniversary, right?” she asked.

“Yes.” Lou replied.

“I figured out your gift.” Cleo said with a glint in her eye.

“Oh? Do I get to know what it is or do I have to wait ‘til tomorrow?” Lou inquired.

“I want to do knife play.” Cleo felt the words fall out in a rush. If she had tried to pace them, they might have gotten stuck inside her.

Lou looked at her. He knew her aversion to knife play. He knew why she had this aversion.


“Yes Sir. I think it might help me close a chapter in my life and open a new one with you. I want to give you something special and something I only have ever done with you.”

Lou was quiet and thought about this. Cleo stared at him, awaiting a response.

“Have you thought about what this might trigger?” Lou asked.

“Yes Sir. But it has been six years since I last cut. I have dealt with the issues that caused cutting in therapy. I am not living with my parents. I feel good about me. I think I can handle this.”

“Are you scared?” he asked.

Cleo felt an explanation was necessary at this point. “Yes Sir, a bit. But I have seen you do knife scenes with other people. I trust you fully. My body belongs to you. I know you will keep me safe. I want to make you happy.”

“Ok.” Lou smiled. This was an amazing gesture on Cleo’s part. Even if the scene ended as soon as he touched her with a blade, he knew this was an amazing act of devotion and trust on her part.

They finished dinner. As Cleo watched television, Lou formulated what the scene would be tomorrow night. As his thoughts moved through the different scenarios, he went from pleased to aroused. Without saying a word, he unbuttoned his jeans while still sitting and pulled out his hard cock. He reached over to Cleo who was sitting on the couch next to him, wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her down on it.

As soon as Lou had started unbuttoning his jeans, Cleo had an inclination where the night was going. Her mouth was wide open before it reached the top of his hard dick. In one motion, Lou took her from sitting and watching Hoarders to pressing his erection deep into the back of her throat.

Lou said nothing, he just used Cleo’s hair as a handle to pump her face on his cock. Tonight he was taking great pleasure in alternating thrusting his dick into her mouth and forcing his cock deep into her throat and holding it there until her body convulsed with choking from lack of air.

Cleo felt the top two inches of Lou’s cock expand and he grew harder. Lou pulled Cleo’s head up so her face was an inch from his dick and shot hot cum all over her smiling lips. Lou pulled Cleo back to a sitting position. She was smiling and licked his cum off her face with her tongue. Lou used his index finger to clean the cum Cleo had missed, then stuck the finger in her mouth for her to suck clean. “Good girl. Go clean up.” Lou instructed.

* * * * *

Collared day seven hundred and thirty fell on a Thursday. Lou had one class and one lab section on Thursdays. Lab finished at six in the evening. Cleo had two lab session in the morning and used Thursday afternoons for her own research. Her last lab section finished at one in the afternoon. This meant she would have to wait in anticipation for Lou for at least five hours.

She finished her teaching obligations. Instead of on staying on campus to work, Cleo went home. She was anxious and excited. She couldn’t sit still. She cleaned the kitchen. Four hours left. She vacuumed the house and dusted. Three hours, fifteen minutes left. She tried to do yoga, but after ten painfully long minutes, aborted the practice for the day. She tried to read. That was futile so she logged onto Facebook.

Her phone went off. It was a text from Lou. “Eat a light snack at 5. Shower and lotion with shea butter. Pin your hair up. No make-up. Naked. Be ready by 6:30.”

Thank god. She had her to-do list. There was a plan. Lou was in control of this. Her heart slowed down a bit and she was able to concentrate on a streaming video.

At five, Cleo ate a piece of string cheese, a handful of rice crackers, drank lemonade and finished with two Hershey kisses. She showered and meticulously shaved. She slathered on extra shea lotion. At 6:30 she took the kneeling pillow into the living room and placed it in direct line with the front door. She knelt and waited.

At 6:38 she hear Lou place his key in the door. He entered wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She could tell by his smell he had showered at work.

Lou smiled when he saw his girl waiting dutifully for him. He put his messenger bag on the tallboy near the door, kicked off his converse, and walked over to Cleo. He placed his hand under her chin and turned her face upwards. He bent over and kissed her. “Happy anniversary my good girl.” He smiled gently.

Cleo’s collar sat on the small shelf near the door where it “lived” when she was not wearing it. Lou picked it up then placed it around Cleo’s neck. He pulled a new small combination lock from the front pocket of his jeans. He held it in front of Cleo and turned it around. On the back, a small silver plate with a “2” was soldered onto the lock. A huge smile spread over Cleo’s face. Lou locked her into her collar.

Lou walked behind Cleo. He placed both hands on her shoulders. “Do you still want to do this?” he asked. Cleo nodded, “Yes Sir.”

“What are your safe words?”

“Yellow and Red Sir,” Cleo confirmed.

“While I want you to try as much of this as possible, I want you to use your words if you are triggered. This is especially important if we hit an emotional trigger. Do you understand?” Lou wanted to make sure Cleo had an out if something was triggered in her. He knew she wanted to please him so badly, especially on this occasion, she might allow something to go wrong and try and push through for him.

“Yes Sir, “ Cleo said softly.

“Good girl. Now I want you to kneel on the ottoman.”

They had an oversized ottoman. They used this as a coffee table when they entertained. At three feet square, it provided amble room for Cleo’s petite frame. Cleo positioned herself on all fours close to the edge.

Lou left the room. Cleo could hear him in the bedroom closet. She heard him take out their two toy boxes and open them. Lou walked back into the living room and placed items on the table behind Cleo. She did not look. Lou had trained her to hold her position. It was a Dom’s prerogative to decide what got used during a scene and the sub did not hold the right to inquire what was to be used once negotiations were finished. Lou made a second, and then a third trip. Cleo held her position on all fours.

She hear Lou go into the spare bedroom. There was thuncking about. The fucking machine! Cleo blew out her breath. This was a box contraption with a place to attach a dildo to a reciprocating motion bar. This one had options to change the depth of the strokes and the speed. Lou liked to watch it fuck people. He had a range of dildos and altered the size depending on the person and the scene. Lou carried the machine into the living room.

Out of the corner of her eye, Cleo saw Lou go over to the high backed chair in the corner of the living room. Most people thought this chair was some Gothic revival piece. Its high back was composed of three long slats. It’s seat consisted of a small square block of wood and then two long slats. What most people didn’t notice was that there were large eye bolts on the undersides of many of the slats.

The chair was actually a carefully disguised Bishops chair. Press a few buttons and the two outside slats on the back clicked into position to form a cross. Click another couple of buttons and the two long slats on the seat opened into a “V” position. The eye bolts on the mobile slats facilitated ropes, chains or other bonding devices.

Lou transformed the chair. Cleo hear him move the fucking machine near the chair. He then picked up something from the table and walked back to Cleo.

A soft rabbit fur mit touched Cleo’s back. Lou rubbed it over her shoulders, neck, down her back, over her ass and to her thighs. He continued to work her ass and thighs with the mit. Cleo relaxed. The soft touch was reassuring. The rubbing calmed her. Lou used the mit to pull Cleo’s thighs more open.

He put the mit down and picked up something else. Cleo felt the tresses of the satin flogger fall over her left shoulder. The tresses were sixteen inch long satin ribbons with small knots in the end of them. Lou trailed the tresses over her body. He gently hit her shoulders and hips and thighs with the soft tresses. Cleo felt like purring, then noticed she was getting wet.

Lou had positioned her thighs just wide enough for a slight breeze to hit her bare pussy lips when he swung the flogger behind her. She noticed a change in the way her pussy felt. The breeze felt colder. Her lower lips slid effortlessly when she shifted her hips. Then she noticed her nipples were hard.

Lou walked back to the table. Cleo felt sharp pricks run up the back of her right thigh. Wharton Wheel! Lou had used this tool on her before, but very briefly. When he used a light touch, she was fine with it. She knew from touching it outside of play that it could get very painful.

Lou ran the wheel up her right thigh, across her ass just above her little hole, then down the right thigh. Tracing the pattern backward, he increased the pressure. Cleo squirmed. Lou placed a hand on the small of her back to steady her. Then the took the wheel and ran it hard across her ass cheeks. “Ahhh ah!” Cleo let out a sound of surprise and a bit of pain.

Lou repeated his attack on her ass. “Ohh ahh!” Cleo pulled forward to try and move her ass out of the way.

“Uh uh uh! No you don’t.” Lou corrected.

Cleo resettled to or original position. Lou left the wheel on the ottoman and walked back to the table. The “click” told Cleo Lou had just opened the silicone lube bottle. Cleo felt Lou’s hand on her ass then a cold nob of glass on her tight butt hole. Lou pressed the toy into her hole but not enough to enter her and pulsed a couple of times. On the fourth pulse, Lou forced the first bubble of the glass plug into Cleo’s hole.

“Mmhhmhm.” Cleo combined enjoyment and effort in her moan.

Lou pulsed the plug to get Cleo’s ass to open more. Cleo’s breath quickened. Lou pushed the next slightly larger bubble into her ass.

“Ahhhhh.” Cleo sighed with contentment.

Lou pulsed the glass plug until Cleo involuntarily pushed back to take more of it. When she did this, Lou gave one final push and forced the last two largest bubbles into Cleo’s ass.

“Ahhhh. Thank you Sir,” Cleo moaned.

Lou wiped his hand on a towel he had tied through his belt. He took his hand and ran it over Cleo’s lower lips. They were sopping wet. He held her lips open with two fingers and teased her engorged clit. Cleo moaned and tried to shift her hips enough to get Lou to slip his fingers into her pussy. Lou deftly avoided penetrating her.

He pulled his hand back and wiped it off. “Get on the chair,” he commanded.

Cleo moved from the ottoman, clenching the ass plug and walked to the chair. She took her position on the small seat, legs spread wide on the open slats.

Lou picked up two leather wrist cuffs from the table. He walked over to Cleo and fastened them to her wrists. He then used steel carabiners to attach the D rings on the cuffs to the eye bolts on the upraised arms of the chair. Cleo relaxed and let her arms hang wide.

Lou picked up two leather belts. He attached one around each thigh and through the eye bolts on the bottom of the leg slats. He then took two smaller belts and secured Cleo’s ankles to the legs of the chair. Cleo relaxed and breathed deeply. She knew Lou had something planned. This would be her only time to enjoy the “calm before the storm.”

Lou positioned the fucking machine directly under Cleo. He walked over to the table and picked up a dildo. “Holy fuck!” thought Cleo when she saw this. The damn thing was fourteen inches long and almost six inches around. Just because the thing was silver glitter silicone did not make it easier to fuck it.

As Lou approached, Cleo’s heart rate quickened. Lou was carrying the dildo and their big bottle of lube. He knelt before the chair and started fingering Cleo’s pussy. He knew she was already quite wet, so he started with three fingers. He ran all three across her clit and right into her pussy. No resistance. The next thrust was four fingers. Cleo moaned. Lou pulled his hand back and grabbed a pump of lube. Five fingers up to the last knuckle sank into Cleo’s dripping pussy.

Cleo moaned loudly. With his free hand, Lou grabbed her nipple and pinched hard. Her pussy pulsed and Lou steadily pushed past his knuckles and felt her pussy wrap around his wrist.

“Oh Thank You Sir!” Cleo shouted.

Lou pulled his hand back until just the tips of his fingers were in Cleo’s pussy then sank back in wrist deep. Cleo arched her back and moaned. Lou repeated the motion. He withdrew his hand and wiped it off. He lubed up the large dildo and pushed it into Cleo’s waiting pussy. He then clipped the base onto the fucking machine. Cleo waited for the machine to start. Instead, Lou stood up.

Cleo sat there a little confused. Her ass had a plug in it and her pussy was now filled with a dildo but no action.

Lou walked to the supply table and kept his back to Cleo. She noticed he was doing something, but didn’t know what.

Lou turned around and waved. He had put on five stainless steel claws. These had been custom forged for him. The “claw” was a two inch long rolled piece of steel that was cured and came to a point. They were like eagle talons. Cleo had seen Lou use these on other people but had never had them used on her.

Lou ran the claws lightly over Cleo’s breasts and collar bones. She liked this. He continued to stroke her upper chest and breasts gently.  Then he pulled back and tapped her hard right nipple. “Oh! That gets my attention” she thought and perked up. Lou then took her nipple between the claw on his thumb and one on his index finger and pinched.

“Oh fuck!” Cleo blurted unwittingly.

Lou smiled. He ran the claws across her chest and pinched her left nipple. “Good Goddamn!” she shouted.

She glanced at her nipples. She was convinced Lou had just pierced her. But no, not even a drop of blood.

Lou stroked her inner left thigh with the claws. Cleo liked the pressure and slight scratching. On the second pass from her groin to her knee, he dug in. Cleo yelled. Lou repeated this a third time. This time deep red lines appeared on her inner thigh.

Cleo looked down and saw the red lines. Lou watched her face. There was surprise, maybe confusion, definitely some pleasure. “We still green?” Lou asked.

“Yes Sir.” Cleo nodded.

Lou adjusted his position. He ran the claws down her right thigh. This time he took five strokes before he left any red marks. Cleo was breathing more rapidly, but not panting. Her pupils were wide. Her lips were parted. Lou checked her pulse. Still in the safety zone.

Lou walked to the supply table and took the claws off. Cleo adjusted herself on the dildo. Her ass ached a bit from the plug but this was the first time she had noticed this since Lou started working on her with the claws. She had actually forgotten her holes were stuff full when Lou was running the claws over her.

Lou walked back. He had a silver dollar sized piece of cast bronze in his hand. Cleo know what this was. She forgot about the butt plug and focused on the knife. Lou opened it. A small claw-like blade glinted in the low light of the living room. Lou got Cleo’s eye contact. He looked closely at her and watched for a reaction. Cleo looked back deep into his eyes. Lou nodded slowly and Cleo mirrored this.

Lou placed the blade on the top of Cleo’s thigh. Cleo felt the tip of the blade puncture her skin. Her heart rate tripled. She flashed on her cutting sessions at seventeen. The body memory of depression and rage hit. Tears welled in her eyes. Then she looked at Lou.

Here was a man she loved. She loved him so much it occasionally bordered on worship. Every morning when she woke and saw him, she internally pledged everlasting love to him. Every time he collared her, she repeated in her mind, “My body is his. My heart is his. My life is his. I serve only him.” Instantly her thoughts switched. This scene was her gift and recommitment to this man. This was a deep act of love. This was a man who would transform her. Her cutting was for destruction. His was for love and transformation. She glowed and her heart rate slowed.

As the first bead of blood surfaced, Lou looked at Cleo’s face. Her thoughts had moved to him and he saw only love. He ran the knife three inches down her thigh. Cleo yelled out, tears ran down her cheeks. “Thank you Sir,” she breathed out and said in a whisper.

Lou moved to her other thigh. This cut was quicker than the last, but was the same length and drew blood. Cleo yelled out again, but not as loud.

Lou redlined “x”s on the top of each of Cleo’s breasts. Cleo’s tears fell heavy now. Lou checked her pulse. It was rapid and her breathing was shallow. He set the blade down. He ran his fingers over her cheeks and kissed her forehead. Her tears met with a small sob.

Lou knelt before her and kissed her on the “x” marks on her breasts. He ran his fingers over her thighs. Small amounts of blood smeared on either side of the cuts. He stood between her spread legs and draped himself on her.

Cleo’s sobs subsided. Her breathing slowed. She began to rub her head on Lou’s stomach.

Lou stepped back and kissed her on the mouth. Gently at first, the Cleo’s lips parted. Lou placed his hand on the back of her head and kissed her deep. Cleo moaned softly.

Lou ran his hands over her shoulders and cupped each breast. He squeezed them. Cleo smiled and arched her back. Lou ran his hands down her stomach and to her thighs. He turned on the machine.

Cleo remembered she was strapped to a giant silver dildo with an ass plug in her tight hole. The machine made shallow, slow strokes. Lou pinched and pulled on her nipples. Cleo moaned deeply.

Lou turned up the machine. Strokes lengthened and quickened. The dildo stretched her pussy open and tapped her cervix with each stroke. Her pussy squeezed the toy with delight. Lou picked up a suede flogger. He began to beat her breasts in time with the strokes of the machine.

leo moaned and bent her head backward to allow more access to her chest. Lou bent over and turned up the machine. The dildo was now rapidly fucking Cleo and hitting her cervix. It was on the border between painful and fucking amazing. Her pussy pulsed hard enough to cause the butt plug to shoot out. It was hanging in by the smallest bubble. Cleo shouted out, “Oh fuck!”

The look on her face was enough to the Lou that all was very, very good. He pulled back the flogger and hit her tits full force. Cleo came. The butt plug shot out of her ass with the intense pulsing of her pussy. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Holy fucking shit!” was all that Cleo could muster. Forty seconds into full orgams, Cleo began to beg Lou to turn off the machine.

“Please Sir, turn it off. Its too much! I need to stop! Sir please! I can’t keep this up!” Her tone told Lou she was telling the truth. He turned off the machine and lowered the dildo to its resting position. He stroked Cleo’s sweaty hair and kissed her. “You were an amazing girl.”

Cleo smiled weakly and tears beaded up in her eyes. Lou knew she was deep in sub space. He quickly removed the dildo and unstrapped Cleo. He pulled the cashmere throw from the couch and wrapped her in it. “You okay?” he asked.

Cleo nodded weakly and a couple of tears rolled down her cheek. “When you are ready, I will help you stand.” Lou said.

He kept his hand on Cleo’s shoulder while she just breathed. After several minutes of this, she looked at him. “I’m ready.”

Lou helped her to her feet. They walked to the couch. Lou sat and lowered Cleo between his legs. He laid her back on his chest and stroked her hair. They were quiet and just breathed in sync. Cleo listened to Lou’s heart beat and cried quietly on his chest.

Cleo settled. She listened to Lou’s heart and breath. She felt his thighs around her. She felt his hand on her shoulder.

“I am yours. My body is yours. My mind is yours. My life is yours.” Cleo repeated the final part of her contract.

“You are, my girl. I love you. I will protect you.” Lou said and stroked her hair.

“Thank you for the amazing anniversary present.” Lou finished. Cleo kissed his chest.

“You’re welcome Sir.”

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