The Most Ant-sex, Anti-Feminist Bill Out There

In Kentucky, Democrat Mary Lou Marzain has introduced House Bill 369. HB369 requires men to get their partner’s permission before receiving a Viagra script. Marzain claims that is somehow a radical anti-abortion statement. It is, in fact, just the opposite. HB369 is anti-sex, anti-consent, anti-feminist and we should stop touting this as something “progressive.”

HB369 is rooted in the belief that the state and someone else has the right to regulate your body and consensual sex. Further, it is rooted in heternormativity and the idea of monogamous marriage. This is the same philosophy as the anti-abortion folks. The goal is to control someone else’s body and use their reproductive system as a punishment. This is not a “feminist” statement. This is an assault on consent and sexuality.

There were lots of options to make an anti-abortion statement with a bill. Marzain could have proposed a bill that would require any insurance company offering coverage of erectile dysfunction drugs also have to cover birth control and abortions. She could have written a bill that requires any medical organization providing access to E.D. drugs also provide access to abortion services. She could have been really radical and sought to require sex ed in K12 in Kansas teach students about consent and the right to protect their body.

Instead, she has proposed this petty non-starter of a bill that further reifies the idea that the state has the right to determine what we do with our bodies. It is a horrid bill. Shut is down. Shut her down.

#abortion #Kansas #Viagra #ErectileDysfunction #ED #sexed #rights #feminist #antiwoman #stupidgovernment #HB369




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