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I’ve been asked by several folx to provide a set of good readings on D/s dynamics. While this is far from a complete list, here is a good place to start. I will continue to update over time.

LAST UPDATED 04/19/2021

Kink Education and Organization Sites



General Information

Impact Play

“Impact Play Safe Zones”

Pet Play

“A Glimpse Into the World of Puppy Play”





Reputable Vendors

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  1. There are a lot of blogs out there on WordPress that chronicle the personal experiences of D/s relationships. I didn’t recognize the ones on your list, will go have a look thought. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] No play is 100 percent safe. Even kissing involves the risk of passing along herpes simplex (those painful cold sores!). When you decide to engage in a type of play, be it role play, bondage, impact play or something else, there are a set of risks which come with it. Familiarize yourself with the basic safety issues of what you and partner are going to do. Your dominant or pick up play partner is not responsible for educating you about every risk of the play before you agree too is. (For great places to learn, check out my BDSM Resource Page). […]

  3. […] Don’t rely on just one blog, one author, one teacher, or one person to guide your kinky journey. The more you read, listen, and talk to people who do kinky stuff, the more likely you are to find resources and folks who resonate with the way you want to do kink! For a vetted list of resources, check out my BDSM Resource List. […]

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