Abortion Must Be Safe

This blog mainly focues on kink and BDSM. However, any person having sex has skin in the game when it comes to keeping abortion safe, accessible, and legal.

The Supreme Court, once again, is considering if women who have a heartbeat deserve basic healthcare or if we will sacrafice thousands of women to keep a parasitic blob of cells with an electrical charge alive long enough so we can forget it is human and deny it healthcare, food, housing, and so on.

The Big Lie

The anti-choice/anti-woman advocates will have you believe that abortion is “killing babies” and they are “pro-life.” Here is the reality:


People who don’t want to come out for keeping all abortions safe and lega, like to throw around the option of medical abortions or birth control. These are not real options to safe and legal abortion.

The Facts

The most effective ways to reduce abortion are:

  • provide required, accurate, and extensive sex education in school.
  • Make birth control widely accessible at free or low cost to those who need it.
  • Recognized that pregnant humans are aware, feeling, and fully human and have the right to decide which safe medical procedures to undergo.
  • Make sure abortion care is legal and widely available.

People who can get pregnant are under attack. The right wing wants to force pregnancy on millions of Americans. Keep in mind, any court that can force you to have a child can change it’s mind and force you to abort one.

Keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible.

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