Auntie Vice (aka Rebecca Blanton)

Writer/Kink Educator

Auntie Vice (aka Rebecca Blanton) is a writer/blogger, kink educator, and performer. Her work focuses on kink and BDSM from the submissive perspective, gender, and body positivity. She has been part of kink scene for more than three decades and identifies as a kinky, queer, service submissive.

Prior to working in kink education and writing, Auntie Vice worked as the head of a California state agency, was a policy researcher for the State of California, and has taught at John Jay and Baruch Colleges in NYC (part of the CUNY system). She holds a Ph.D. (abd) in Political Psychology and a BA in Psychology.

She applies an academic study approach to her kink work and writing. She began writing erotic fiction at 40 and how has 22 erotic fiction novels under various pseudonyms. Her story, “Day 730” will be featured in the upcoming Best Bondage Erotica 2020 published by Cleis Press in April 2021.

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  1. I thought I was leaving this as a comment, and instead it says I sent a message. Which I didn’t know was possible on here. So, here’s the copy/paste in case the message was really a mirage. 🙂

    The book you are working on now sounds incredibly fascinating! If you ever are looking for some other people’s stories for information or whatnot, feel free to email me at anotheranonymousoutsider@gmail.com. Rape play barely scratches the surface of the taboo play that I enjoy and engage in, and I’m an open book who loves to get to know other kinkster’s who appreciate the intellectual side of BDSM. Thanks for an interesting read!


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