Rebecca E. Blanton (aka Auntie Vice)

I’m a writer, performer and podcaster. I started this blog as a promotion site for my first non-academic work, Love Letters To A Unicorn. Over time it evolved into a blog about kink, BDSM, submission and gender.

My educational background is in psychology and politics. I have a BA from UC Davis in Psychology and a Ph.D. (abd) from the City University of New York, Graduate Center in Political Psychology where my dissertation focused on how multicultural education shaped civic identities of youth.

I worked in politics for several years as a non-partisan researcher for the state of California, focusing on women veterans and criminal justice policy. I was recruited to run the CA Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, an independent state agency dedicated to the betterment of women and girls.

Eventually I came to the realization that I was not going to change politics or policies from the inside-out, no matter how much work I did or how much I sacrificed of my time, energy and money. So I quit. I continued to be interested in how people connect and how systems change behavior and attitudes. I began to focus my writing on the primary forms of the way individuals connect with each other: sex and food.

I am the author of three books under my given name, a couple of kink erotic fiction short stories published under Auntie Vice, and over two dozen erotic romances published under various pseudonyms. Additionally, I and a storyteller/comic and perform occasionally.

I am the host and producer of the podcast Fat Chicks On Top. This is a body-positive, sex positive podcast for all of us who have been marginalized by the larger body-positive movement: queer, POC, disabled, sex workers, and people where these identities intersect.

Find out more at my professional website www.AuntieVice.com.


  1. I thought I was leaving this as a comment, and instead it says I sent a message. Which I didn’t know was possible on here. So, here’s the copy/paste in case the message was really a mirage. 🙂

    The book you are working on now sounds incredibly fascinating! If you ever are looking for some other people’s stories for information or whatnot, feel free to email me at anotheranonymousoutsider@gmail.com. Rape play barely scratches the surface of the taboo play that I enjoy and engage in, and I’m an open book who loves to get to know other kinkster’s who appreciate the intellectual side of BDSM. Thanks for an interesting read!


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