Everyone Needs an Auntie!


Everyone needs an Auntie sometimes!

Sex education goes well beyond what you learned in high school. Adults need help thinking about and talking about sexuality and all its interesting facets.

Auntie Vice presents at many national conferences and teaches locally in Northern California. However, not everyone can make a class on a weeknight or can afford to travel to a conference. Additionally, some people are more comfortable talking about sex in the privacy of their own home. Now, you can have your Auntie help!!

If you (and a group of friends) want a private class, Auntie Vice is here to help. I can help introduce you and your friends to the basics of kink, talk about negotiation or relationship skills, go over safety considerations for new kinky play, or help you develop skills to talk to your teens about sex, relationships and dating. I can provide resources for continued learning and help you navigate your first kinky munch, dungeon visit or support group outing!

Its simply to get your Auntie! Simply contact me and include what you want to talk about, the size of your group, and three or four date options. I will work with you to construct a class appropriate for the gathering. Groups of 3 to 10 people are best.

Two-hour classes are $50 plus travel (standard IRS rate plus tolls and parking).

Some class options are below:

Talking to Teens About Sex: Most parents are somewhat prepared to do a basic sex talk. But, have you thought about how to talk to your teen about STI rates, watching porn, saying no to sex they don’t want, and negotiating relationships? These things are hard when you are a parent. I can help work on dialogues to talk with your teens about healthy relationships and negotiating sexuality.

Vanilla-ish: Many couples start out in a vanilla, monogamous relationship. But, what if you want to introduce kinky stuff or a third party? I can provide some basic tips on what you and your partner should talk about before engaging in new kinky play or what you talk about before opening up your relationship to a third party. I can provide tips for seeking out further education and skills classes and connecting with your local kink and poly communities.

Getting Dirty: Interested in a specific area of kink but don’t know where to start? Think you might like getting tied up? Fantasize about your partner and you engaging in impact play? Would you love to get into role playing but just don’t know how? I can help you and your partner(s) think through negotiating a scene, safety issues, provide you places to learn a bit before you get in too deep, and give you tips on where to find fun and high quality toys! This class is designed for the unique interests of the group.

Interracial Dating: Do you have a new partner who is of a different race? Do you want to date someone of a different race? Are you worried that you might say something stupid and offend someone? Are you worried about cultural issues? I can help you think through issues that commonly arise with interracial dating and provide lots of places to gather information so that you and your new partner can avoid some common land mines.

Writer’s Workshop: Interested in writing erotica? Want to write for your partner(s)? Want to start a blog? Need to figure out the basics for a new writing project? I have over 20 years of experience with writing for a large number of audiences: private, blogs, newspapers, legislators, academics, bored housewives and more! Let me help you organize your own writing project. This is particularly fun if you and your friends want to figure out how to write something hot for your partners!

Additional workshops are available and will be designed for each group.

Please email me at RebeccaEBlanton@yahoo.com. Put “I Need My Auntie!” in the Subject line.



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