Deepening Submission

New Book based on the Deepening Submission class! After teaching this class around the U.S. I made a workbook for you to use at home to deepen your submission. You can use the book on your own, in conjunction with a dominant type or as a group project with other people exploring submission.

The book is now available! $5.99 eBook on and $19.99 for the hard copy (at Amazon and other retailers)

The Big Workbook for Submissives, Rebecca Blanton. 2017.


If you want a signed copy, email me at RebeccaEBlanton (at) yahoo (dot) com. Put “Submissive Book” in the subject line.

I will arrange to ship it to you.

I take PayPal, Zelle, and Square payments.


Exercises not in the book are included below:


Submission takes practice and focus. There are many ways to deepen submission: Meditation, journaling, discussions, exercises. Below are a few techniques and tools to deepen your submission.


Below are 14 writing prompts about submission. I suggest setting time aside regularly to write about your journey. It may be a narrative, bullet points, brain storming, clustering or other form of writing. There is no specific “right” way to do this.

I suggest you do these along with a friend or a sub support group and talk about your answers as everyone’s journey is a bit different. You may also want to consider chatting with your D-type about your answers to help both of you grow your submission.

  1. What drew me toward submission?
  2. What is the greatest pleasure I experience from submission?
  3. What part of submission frightens me?
  4. What type of submissive do I want to be? (Is this different than your current form of submission?)
  5. Do I have a fantasy D-type?
  6. How to you show submission outside of a play scene or sex?
  7. List the things that are absolutely critical in any romantic relationship for you.
  8. When do you feel lovable?
  9. Sit or stand naked in front of a mirror. Look at yourself for at least a minute. What do you see?
  10. How do you think you d-types see you?
  11. What are the most attractive attributes I see in other submissives I admire?
  12. How do I tell if I am being submissive or a doormat?
  13. What aspects of my life do I need some autonomy over to be healthy?
  14. Set 5 goals for your submission. Outline the basic steps to getting to these goals.



I use meditation for many reasons and find it helps me balance my moods, regain focus, and brings a sense of centeredness to my life. Sometimes I meditate and focus only on my breathing. Sometimes I use mantras. Sometimes I enjoy a guided meditation.

Below is a guided meditation about submission. It is 10 minutes in length and available for free.

Submissive Meditation



People use vision boards for many things – careers, weddings, parties, love. Pintrest can be used to create such a board, or you can do it the more old-fashion way by getting a poster board from any craft shop or dollar store and placing images and items that represent your ideal versions of submission.

In one class a participant suggested looking back over what you have “loved” on Fetlife as part of your vision board (a great suggestion!!).