Endorsements and Book Love


NLA-I has announced their finalists for their book awards. I am so amazingly proud to have made it to the final round of “Book of the Year, Nonfiction” along with Lee Harrington and Justine Sr. Claire. I have read their work, and they are amazing authors. So happy that I get to be lumped in with these pros!

MATT BUNCH, Mr. Bolt Leather, 2014

Love Letters to a Unicorn offers readers, both kinky and vanilla, a realistic view of fetish and how it can work in any sexual relationship.  Blanton describes her own life and experiences and discusses kink and fetish culture with a healthy dose of irreverence and humor to teach us how and why she has better sex than you.  This book does not attempt to teach rope bondage or how to have the sex you read about in 50 Shades of Grey, but it will teach you how to communicate and negotiate with your sex partner so that you can explore those wild kinks you have kept buried.


Julie Stass, Ph.D., LCSW, Martha Beck Master Coach

Love Letters to a Unicorn is so much more than a book about love, kink, bdsm and non-monogamy. Rebecca Blanton describes how deep, emotionally intimate relationships were created in her life and passes that wisdom on to her readers. Her vulnerability, honesty and straight forward manner take her readers beyond curiosity by spelling out the core elements of great relationships; respectful boundaries, openness and authenticity. I’d recommend this book to anyone. Read it and if you’re lucky, you just might find a Unicorn.

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