Being Fetish PU Paddle

Being Fetish PU Paddle

$30 from HoneySx

The Unboxing

HoneySx ships in discrete packaging from China. The delivery time is pretty standard for items coming from Asian countries right now, about 3 weeks.

This paddle arrives in a thin box with a clear plastic window (not recyclable) displaing the paddle inside.

The paddle is textured on the red/black side with small raised middles of the diamond pattern. It is black on smooth on the back side. It is stiff for a leather paddle.

The Specs

This paddle is just over 12 inches long and weighs in at .3 pounds. It is made of PU leather with is the combination of the part of the hide not used for fine leather which is then coated with polyeurathane. It is perferable (to me) over “vegan” leathers and wears a bit better.

The Review

For such a lightweight paddle, this packs a heafty sting. Seriously, it is a stingy little sucker. Its lightweight which allows for longer use (probably a pro for Dominants, less-so for the recieving submissive). I actually enjoyed this paddle quite a bit and it will make it into my portable playbag for some fun use!

Bottom Line

Looking for a lightweight paddle that stings? Okay wiht PU leather? This will be a solid choice.