Bombex Butterfly Vibe

Bombex Butterfly Vibe


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Butterfly Vibe, side view
Butterfly Vibe, Front

This cutie is a remote control vibrator with both an insertable piece and clit sucking vibe. It comes from Bombex, a woman-owned sex shop committed to environmentally responsible sex toys.

The Unboxing

This vibrator comes in a black box with silver branding. It is sturdy and recyclable (a plus!). The little face on this vibe is super cute as well as practical. The eyes are the contact points for magnetic charger connections.

The toy comes with the vibrator, a USB charger, the remote control, and a carrying bag. Props on the carrying/storage bag!

The Specs

The vibrator is covered in body-safe silicone and the remote is a small, ABS oval device. The remote is powered by a 3032 circle battery and the vibe is rechargeable with the included USB magnetic charger. The insertable part is almost five inches with over 3.5 inches fully insertable.

The Review

I lubed up this vibe and took a minute to position it. While this is mean to be hands-free after you position toy, I found I had to gently hold the clit sucker in place to get the best performance from the toy. This is likely because my clit is positioned significantly further away from my vaginal opening than most folks. That said, I was still able to feel the insertable bit inside me.

The remote worked well! It did not have to be pointed directly at the device. This is a big plus since many sex toy remotes do not function well without a direct line to the toy.

The steady vibrations along with the sucking mode which goes with them worked best for me. I found the interval vibrations options to be distracting. But that is just me. You might find them quite desirable. The suction and vibration worked well! It took a moment to find the right position for the toy, but then boy-howdy! it worked.

For people with more straight-sized bodies, this would be a great to use hands-free while you play with a partner or stimulate your other bits.

Bottom Line

Solid option for a clit and insertable toy for straight-sized people. Probably not a good fit for people post-vaginoplasty.