Sliquid Naturals Silk Personal Lubricant

$10 2 oz Bottle

$27 8.5 oz Bottle

In my younger, more energetic days, I went on an extensive search for the right lubricant. It was a very Goldilocks journey. Some were to tacky. Some were to thin. Some were too weak. Some could not be washed off anything. Some destroyed a pair of suede boots (story for a different post).

In the end, Sliquid Silk became my absolute favorite! This hybrid lubricant won the battle hands-down (or hands-in as was the case at the time of the quest!).

Sliquid Silk is a hybrid lubricant, meaning it has both a water and silicone base. Sliquid comes the closest to my natural “lubricant” feel. It is slick, not tacky, long lasting, and thin enough not to feel like I am using ultrasound jelly to grease the works.

Sliquid Silk has almost no smell. There is a slight, sweet scent but it is barely noticeable unless you sniff the bottle.

This lubricant lasts! As someone who engages in both fisting and anal sex, a lube that lasts is critical. I hate having to pause every few minutes to reapply. Sliquid hits the mark on longevity.

If you are going for a luxurious personal lubricant, go for this one!