Test packages vary in price

A couple of years ago, laws changed. Today, folks in the United States can take more control over their healthcare and order a number of common medical tests for themselves. As someone who has struggled to get adequate healthcare, this change was enormously freeing!

While these online tests are rarely covered by health insurance, they are often affordable. For many people who can only afford the most basic healthcare insurance plans which cover a small number of services with high deductibles or copays, alternatives for getting the labs you need can be critical!

STDClinic fills the test order needs for the average person, especially if you don’t want to discuss sexual health with your doctor (or don’t have a regular doctor). The test is purchased online through STDClinic , then you download a lab slip to take to your local phlebotomy lab. They use QUEST labs in norther CA and various CLIA approved labs around the country. This means there are labs near most folks in the United States.

Once the test is ordered, you go to the lab of your choice, get your blood drawn, and get results in 1-3 days, depending on the lab. Results are delived via email. When results are abnormal (you have something), you will need to see a doctor or visit a local STI clinic to get treatment..


This site is easy to use, works with over 2,500 labs across the country, and is very inexpensive. Even purchasing the at-home (and less reliable) tests from your local drug store STI Clinic is often less expensive.

Additionally, STI clinic offers a fast turn around and you get results regardless of the outcome. One of the most frustrating things for me when using an STI testing clinic in my area is the “we will call in 3-5 if something is wrong.” This means waiting anxiously for a phone call that may or may not come. Additionally, I an never sure that I was really healthly or if my result follow-up call got missed in a a paperwork oversite. Having email results in 1-3 days allows full assurance you get results, regardless of postive or negative results.

Finally, the email results can be printed, downloaded, and share. If you are dating and your partner wants proof of an STI test, this is a fast and secure way to get acurate and sharable results.


STIClinic does not provide treatment or counseling if you have a postive result. They leave it up to you to seek treatment if you need it. The other STI testing group reviewed here provides a phone number for follow-up wiht a clinician and the ability to get a prescription for the medication needed to treat most STIs.

Bottom Line

If you are comfortable managing your own sexual health and want a reliable, inexpensive way to get a large panel of labs done in a convienent way, give STDClinic a go! If you want to decide where and when to follow up with a doctor in case something is amiss, this is a great option. If you are looking for a fast way to get STI results for dating/hook-up purposes, this is a great option.

If you are looking for an option which will allow you to get treatment if something needs attention, opt for your doctor, local STI clinic or other options.

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