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Big Workbook for Submissives (signed)

Finalist, 2018 Golden Flogger Award! Want to explore your subby side more deeply? Looking to try submission? This workbook provides a series of essays, exercises, journaling prompts and more to help you discover what type of submission appeals to you, what you want out of submission, and helps connect your fantasies and expectations to the realities of submission. Paperback copy of the Big Workbook for Submissives signed by the author. Includes taxes and shipping.


Love Letters to a Unicorn: A book about BDSM, kink and non-monogamy

Nominated for the 2016 Golden Flogger Award and Finalist for the National Leather Association- International Goeff Mannis Award (2016). A series of essays exploring submission, kink, and feminism. Includes shipping and taxes.


Eat Good, Drink Good, Live Good

Being a good service sub, I have learned a lot about entertaining and cooking. This book brings together all the tips and tools to do great parties and dinners while on a tight budget with little time for prep and cooking.


Fat Chicks on Top Logo Mug

11 oz coffee mug featuring the Fat Chicks on Top logo! Start your day right with us! Includes taxes and shipping


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