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Guided Meditation for Submissives

Guided Body Check-in Meditation
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Mega Hand Job Guide!

Looking for lots of techniques to provide manual stimulation for a penis? I’ve got you covered! This guide contains dozens of different hand techniques for stimulation complete with instructions and demo videos.

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36 Questions to Ask a New Partner (page link)

Grant Writing Basics (page link)

Deeping Your Submission Journal Prompts and Exercises (page link)

BDSM Resources (page link)

Invisible Disabilities Show, July 28, 2019 at Punchline Sacramento

Auntie Vice, Invisible Disabilities Show, Punchline Sacramento, July 2019

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In Sickness and In Health: Loving Someone with a Chronic Illness

This class provides practical tips and tools for becoming a more supportive partner in a relationship with someone living with a chronic illness. The class covers the psychology of living with a chronic illness, the impact chronic illnesses can have an a relationship, coping with your emotions around a partner’s illness, and how to be a supportive partner while getting your needs met. The class was taught through The purchase price includes a recording of the class (MP4), the workbook, and slides.


Ouch! Aging, Chronic Illness, and Kink

We all age. Many of us get sick. At some point, we are not the same person we were at 20. This does not mean we have to give up great sex, intense BDSM and kink play, or power exchange. Ouch! provides participants with practical tips and tools on how to adapt their kink to accommodate changing bodies. Can’t kneel anymore because of bad knees? This class provides alternatives! Can’t take the same amount of pain as you did prior to chemo, I have tips on that! Hard time climaxing because of your prescription antidepressant? We talk about alternatives. This purchase includes an MP4 recording of the class, slides, and the worksheet handouts.